The Fall Guy

by MacArthur

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Finely crafted melodic rock with great guitar solos. Lush instrumentation featuring cellos, violas, Hammond B3, and the occasional glockenspiel. Six folded panels, featuring artwork by comic artist extraordinaire Josh Neufeld.

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All words and music on MacArthur’s The Fall Guy written, composed, performed, arranged, recorded, and produced by Arthur Winer, except where otherwise noted.
P © 2013-2014 by Arthur Winer / Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.


released December 16, 2014

Produced, recorded, and mastered by Arthur Winer. Additional recording by Ross Bonadonna. Cover artwork by Josh Neufeld. Graphic design by Mallory McCreary. Photos by Amy Schleusner. Website design by David Rhoden.

Thank you to all of the amazing musicians who made The Fall Guy possible: Michael Tritter, Eric Summer, Darby Saxbe, Kate Reddish, J. Michael O’Neal, Matt MacGillivray, Kelly Jones, Andrew Innes, Reed Hays, Caroline Gould, Clinton Clark, Ross Bonadonna, David Baron, and Jenny Amaya. Thanks also to Allison Molina and Kevin Blood for their musical input on The Fall Guy’s pre-production.

Thank you Will Wright-Hooks for helping out in an incalculable number of technical ways. Thank you Megan Benavente for assistant engineering on “Summer Jobs.” Thanks Tim Cohan for the pro-bono legal advice. Thanks to Evren Göknar for sage advice. Thanks to the Cal Poly Pomona Faculty Center for the website design grant. Thank you Marten DenBoer for the “assigned time” that helped me work on this project. Thank you Iris Levine and Sharon Hilles for your support and advice. Super extra extraordinary special thanks to Mallory McCreary for decades of love and awesomeness.

Dedicated to Simone.

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all rights reserved



MacArthur Los Angeles, California

Melodic rock band MacArthur began performing in New York around 1998-99. Played many famous but now defunct clubs such as Luna Lounge and Brownies. Founder and songwriter Arthur Winer moved to L.A. in 2005 and broke up the band. Now, MacArthur is back with a new band and a new album THE FALL GUY. ... more

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Track Name: Everybody Loves You
Everybody Loves You
by Arthur Winer
© 2013 by Arthur Winer
Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

Everybody thinks when they're buying you drinks
That you're their favorite girl
Ask you to dance but they don't stand a chance
To be one part of your whole world 'cause

Everybody loves you, they all ask you to dance
Everybody loves you, but they don't stand a —

Now, we've got our wings, we are flying
(Nothing keeps us down)
We've cut the binding strings that keep us
Down upon the ground

Maybe today if he slaves away, she will notice his charm
But no tall drink or layaway mink will be enough to cause her harm
Track Name: The Fall Guy
The Fall Guy
by Arthur Winer
© 2013 by Arthur Winer
Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

Beautiful morning, kiss you good-bye
Subway stop about a quarter to nine
You go your way, I go mine
I’ll see you later, I’ll see you later

Concrete crumble, dusted beams
Hoary tears outside the seams
I saw it happen, they made it happen
Now they blame it on the wrong guy

They blame it on the wrong guy
They blame it on the Fall Guy

They just said so, why would they lie?
They own the story, don’t even
Track Name: First Date
First Date
by Arthur Winer
© 2014 Arthur Winer / Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

First date, cut rate. Antsy from wondering
Will she, be free? Will he be charming?
What’s your home town? He says from Reno.
She strips for tips. He deals Casino.

Drinks, dining, dancing. Winks, whining, prancing.
He cops a quick feel. She hopes it’s for real

First date, first date, whoa oh oh la la.
First date, first date, oh ah ah na na .

First date, first date. Drinks with umbrellas.
She checks his pects. He tries to smell her.
Should she be strong if they get along?
Should the hot tub wait until the second date

She’s scared, but prepared: collagen injection
He’s brought (forethought) a Speedo and protection
Fun, fun, fun for a girl and a boy
A Trojan and Helen of Troy
Love and perfume in the air
Pain and Rogaine and despair
Track Name: Summer Jobs
Summer Jobs
by Arthur Winer
© 2013 by Arthur Winer
Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

Let’s get summer jobs, unlike all those slobs
Living with Mom and Dad, air-conditioned sad.
You’ll get one tending grounds,
I can drive old people around
It’ll only be for a while,
and we can live hand to mouth in style

“Wouldn’t it be great to co-habitate
Then we wouldn’t have to wait at all.”
We could pay the rent through summer weather,
Say good night for three months and stay together

I’m pretty good with my hands,
Let’s build on shifting sands
You wait tables, I’ll drink for free
I’ll clean stables and sell the TV

I’ll take a shift at Taco Hell,
swim at the quarry to hide the smell
You could be a StarB. barista,
you could be a Sandanista

And we can live on love
And we can live on dreams
We can sleep on incantations
Instead of roses -- cheap carnations
Track Name: Save Yourselves!
Save Yourselves!

by Arthur Winer
© 2013 by Arthur Winer
Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

Her perfect dive into the water
She emerged like Neptune's daughter
Soaking wet, despite a cap with flowers
Cleansed and clairvoyant. She says:

Save yourselves! Save yourselves!

Now she sees the future and she hears the past.
She feels the present, and she speaks at last. She says:

The water's black, and it tastes like blood.
The skies are red, and they smell like sulfur.
And the nights are so long, they run together.
And the trees are yellow, and the earth is cracked.
So save yourselves!

Save yourselves from the sinners!
The world's gonna end in about ten minutes
And it's not by Fire, and it's not by Flood
Not by Earthquake, Tsunami, or Asteroid
It's from…
Track Name: On Carroll Street
On Carroll Street

Words and music by Arthur Winer
© 2014 Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

She’s bored, she’s beautiful
And if there is nothing to do she’s dutiful
She’s tired, maybe half-dead
She may not even notice that you’re in her bed

Lights shine all the time on Carroll Street
(Christmas starts on Fourth of July)
Garden clementines on Carroll
One time burned, ten times shy

She’s green, tends to forget
And when he has made his play she’s soaking wet
But small, behind her hazel eyes
She can see through his thick disguise

And when we meet
It is mulled-wine sweet
On Carroll
Track Name: Space Song
Outer space.
Outer space.
Track Name: Weightless
Words and music by Arthur Winer
© 2014 by Arthur Winer / Canaveral Skies Music (ASCAP)

Weightless and falling
Answer and calling
When will the falling end?
When will I see you again?

How will this falling end?
When will I see you again?

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